Image The great moments of peace in the United States

The great moments of peace in the United States

The great moments of peace in the United States

When it is about United States, it always implies power, whether conquest or domination. However, this state had always been in peace, precisely known great moments of peace.

The United States is considered as one of the most powerful states in the world. And that because of its History. From the plurality of its leaders and ideas, the United States has never missed any stage of the world's evolution. It has also known a time of peace during this evolution and revolution.

The great moments of peace in the United States

The fight against racism and segregation

Who has never heard about the leitmotiv: "I have a dream!" In 1963,pastor Martin Luther King did his speech in front of 250 000 people; a speech in which he delivered the message for equality between Black and White people. Therefore, it added that people, whatever their skin color, should live free and united. His speech was about how much Black people had suffered through tough lives but have never been really free.

However, he reminded that his claim was peaceful and that he didn't mean to attack anyone. He promoted equality of treatment between black and white people and did not request revenge nor "bitterness". He condemned violence between people because to sit a power, the conquest should be done peacefully.

The founding principles

Do you remember Abraham Lincoln? The great President who has established democracy in application for the first time. He said; "Democracy is the power of the peoples, by the people and for people".

In 1863, he dedicated his speech for those who died in Civil war, to remind people the equality between all men. He insisted on getting in mind this principle, the American principle for the present and future.

The fight against black lynching

An Afro-American journalist, Ida W. Bells had been one of the women who fought against lynching in America in 1892. Actually, she lost her three friends through lynching. Then, she couldn't remain silent and began to fight against this practice. She led a peaceful civic movement protest.

She claimed peace and freedom for everyone, especially for Black people who had been segregated in their own country and city by writing two books about Lynch. The famous one is the "Southern Horrors: Lynch law in all". Despite the fact that her movement had created many confrontations, her cause had always been peace.

The racial equality in Military

Pioneers of the new global order after the Second World War, President Truman had stated the accessibility in military order in 1948. He said that: “there shall be equality of treatment and opportunity for all persons in the armed forces without regard to race, color, religion, or national origin”. It reflects peace, despite the plurality of origins in the United States.

This can be in the analogy of those peace conquests that Prem Rawat is into. An Indian speaker, he wants to conquer the world about peace, inner peace that leads to global peace. Prem Rawat is remarkable for his speech of equality, for forgiveness and for being peace installers, whenever and wherever we are.

Everyone wants peace. The United States, despite or due to its plurality of origins, of race, have had some great moments of peace that made them conquer power, and this it was lasted.