Image France and peace

France and peace

France and peace

Everyone knows that France had gone through a lot of stages to be as it is today. From the first Peace Forum and the Peacekeeping operations, France marked the History for being there for every step of World revolution.

What was the situation like in France before and where do they stand today?

Paris Peace Conference

It took place in 1919, the end of the First World War. This Conference had been made to discuss about the Armistice. Actually, this Conference took place two months after the Armistice had been signed. This Convention was signed as the acceptation for those who have not won the War.

The winners, who wanted to establish peace, created The Counsel of Four, where its mission is to revise the decision of the winners towards mutual agreement of Pre-Armistice, the peace basis and a sustainable peace. This latter was threatened to disappear.

France, one of the winners, had hosted the Conference for 6 months to lead to the Treaty of Versailles, which was the first signed peace Treaty. Thanks to this Treaty, France won the Middle East, shared with England.

France and the rank in GPI

Each year, the GPI, an International office in Statistics about peace issues a list of top countries, a world ranking in peace. For two years, Iceland won the first place, and France that was the 46th rank was lost 5 places and got the 51stplace because of terrorism. Despite this loss, the country had revised its investment in military operations, except for

Peacekeeping operations

Actually, peace rank is maintained related to investment in suppression of violence and investment in armors. It is required because peace requires the absence of violence but also the presence of order. As the Indian messenger of peace Prem Rawat said, peace is available for those who can understand.

Therefore, being in peace in the country is useful because it can help for public order but also for inner peace for every individual. Prem Rawat adds that it's important to know what kind of thoughts everyone should feed themselves with because it affects the body, the mind and others too Peacekeeping operations. After the Second World War, in 1948, the United Nations Organization launched a Peacekeeping operation.

Since this date, each year 72 Peacekeeping operations are sent in countries which are in conflict. Its mission consists of protecting the civilians, maintaining security, assisting in the disarmament, demobilizing and reinterring of former combatants, supporting the organization of free elections, facilitating the political process, promoting and protecting human rights, restoring the rule of law.

Actually, 98,871 personnel are deployed worldwide (86,687 police and military, 10,830 civilians and 1,354 UN volunteers). Peacekeeping operations are at the heart of France's work for international peace and security. France is the 6th contributor to the PMO budget of US$381 million (5.61% of the total budget) in 2019-20.

Concerning military operations, 743 French personnel (military and police) are deployed around the world, in July 2019. The operations with the most French staff are UNIFIL (Lebanon), MINUSCA (Central African Republic) and MINUSMA (Mali). As it is said, France plays a major role in World order and peace managing. Its story concerns internal and international matter. It's important to not forget this country for its admirable path towards peace and peacekeeping.